Friday, July 6, 2012

Fireworks 2012

For the past few years we have set off our own fireworks for a number of reasons. For one, we do not have to worry about finding a good place to sit. Secondly, the kids really enjoy setting them off. Especially my son and sister (who is a big kid in her 40s). We live on a cul-de-sac which makes it a perfect place to set them off. I have attempted in the past to try to take photos of fireworks. They just never really looked good. I attempted it again and feel they came out pretty good this round. 

My equipment included:
  1. tripod
  2. Nikon D300s
  3. 105mm macro lens (too lazy to change lens)
  4. wireless remote
My settings:
  1. f16 to f20
  2. iso 200
  3. 2 seconds

Here are six of the ones I liked best

This one is my favorite

Until next time! Happy Snapping!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day Project - Photo(s) an Hour

My girlfriend Judy, who I did the No Wimpy Girls Photography blog with, found this project idea at Liz Ness Blog.  The challenge was to take a photograph(s) every hour on what you were doing that hour. This was a really fun project. I created a slideshow using ProShowGold and saved it as a video. I wish the video was a bit larger but this is as big as I could get it at the moment. The music I chose was "Waterloo" by ABBA.   Enjoy! Until next time happy snapping :)