Sunday, March 11, 2012

Valkaria Airfest, February 18, 2012

Thought I would try my hand at photographing airplanes at a local air festival.  I have never photographed air planes before and figured this was as good as any to try my hand at photographing airplanes.  I do not have a very big lens for this type of thing.  I used my Nikon 18-200mm lens on my Nikon D300s.  I shot on Aperture Priority mode.  I took approximately 85 photographs, but narrowed it down to 20 for this blog.  I did some editing of each image in Photoshop CS5.  You will notice that not all photos are in color.  I processed some as B/W because I felt they looked best in B/W.

I love reflection shots, when I come across a neat looking reflection I will photograph it.  As you can see from the following three photos.

Walked around the area and photographed the various planes at different angles as best I could.  My son is learning about planes in school so he was giving me a blow by blow description of all the planes.  Made for an interesting day.  He surprised himself on how much he knew.

Yes I am sure it is :)

I loved this angle because it makes me feel that I was actually on the wing.

This part of the plane just felt like it should be processed as B/W

Time to put the toys away.
I really did end up enjoying my day photographing the Valkaria Airfest.  I will most likely do it again sometime.  The next Valkaria Airfest is February 16, 2013.  Check out their website at

Hope you enjoyed your visit.  

Until next time happy clicking!


  1. Great photos! So cool! Thanks for sharing. I may have to go to the air show next year.

  2. Very COOL!!!! You did GREAT for your first time! WOw! I like how you got close up shots with reflections and details and also awesome action shot! Really enjoyed these! You may found another niche! :)

  3. Nice work Becky, I love air shows, we usually hit the Blue Angles each time they come to South Carolina.

  4. Thanks everyone. It was a lot of fun.