Friday, June 1, 2012

Internationl Soccer Game USA vs Scotland May 26, 2012

On May 26, 2012 my family and I went to our first ever professional soccer game in Jacksonville, Florida at the Everbank Fields.  It was the US against Scotland.  We went with other family members from my son's soccer team.  Below is a photo documentary of the soccer game.

Heading to the soccer fields.  How exciting!

Imagine our surprise when we saw some of the fans for the Scottish team wearing kilts.  I wonder do they wear anything under those kilts?  I was too chicken to ask.  What great fans to come out in their kilts :)

He was trying to get some one's attention.

What is the proper shoe attire when wearing a kilt?

These must be die hard fans.  I am assuming based on all the pins on this gentleman's hat that he goes all over to support his team.  There were a lot of fans wearing unique hats.

Check out this guys feather in his hat and all those pins!

This fan even had a bag pipe that he played before the game even started.  He was very good.  Loved his hat!

US goalie practicing before game starts.

US fan getting into the spirit of things.  He was all decked out in a Statue of Liberty costume and singing very loudly :)

National Anthem was played for both teams.

These fans were singing along with their anthem.

Before the game got underway the thing to do was hit these beach balls all over the place.

Still singing!

Game started!
(Notice the feather in the shot)

My son and some of his friends dared one of their team mates to go sit with the Scottish fans.  The Scottish fans have a great sense of humor.  They noticed the boy was not one of them so they started patting him on the head and singing to him.

Then they tried to offer him beer.

Then they made him wear their flag and sing with them.  It was very funny.

Do not know why this Scottish fan wanted a blow up palm tree.

Can honestly say I do not ever see this in my normal day to day life.

Our team kept the Scottish goalie very busy.  We won 5-1.  The goal on the Scottish team was from one of our guys hitting it into our own goal by accident.  So technically we scored 6 points :)

This fan had way too much fun before the game even started.

Game over.  We stopped at Red Robin for lunch.  Yummmm!

Wonderful Milk Shakes

Burger and onion straws.  Yummy in my Tummy!

Heading home after a wonderful day.

Until Next time Happy Snapping!


  1. Great story and your photos are fantastic! What a colorful bunch of fans, both literally and figuratively. You captured some really great moments.

  2. I found your blog again. I enjoyed the photos and the story very much. Something unique that you don't see every day. Your son is growing up! :)