Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day & Happy Anniversary

I love creating my own cards for special occasions.  When I got married 23 years ago, instead of just buying generic Christmas cards I would take a photo of my husband and I with our animals and have it sent off and made into cards.  I continued that tradition until my second child.  With the birth of my second child I would just take a photo of them, send off for many copies, and then decorate them up into Christmas cards.  Over time I found out that our friends really enjoyed receiving my cards with a personal touch.  In time, I started creating other cards( Birthdays, Anniversaries and Weddings)  instead of just Christmas cards.  My only problem is that I procrastinate and end up stressing my self out or staying up late trying to get the cards created by the next day.  Father's Day and my Anniversary no exception.  Below are the cards I created for June 17th Father's Day and my 23rd Anniversary.

The photo card above is the one I created for my father.  His dream has been to fix up old cars.  He currently has two 29 Chevy's  and a 30 Model A Victoria that he is fixing up.  I am documenting the process for him.  In this photo it is the car door of his Model A that I applied a Topaz Adjust Spicify filter and then I superimposed a picture of him and his Model A on top.  I added a sepia filter to that photo.  He loved it so much that I am having it blown up so he can frame it.

The above photo card is the one I created for my husband for our 23rd Anniversary.  Found a photo from our wedding day that a friend of mine took.  Scanned it in and applied some brush strokes in our wedding colors.  Then I wrote some really mushy stuff inside :)  He loved it.  Hard to believe it has been 23 years.

This is the Father's Day card I created for my husband that is from the kids.  Used a background from the class I took with, applied a photo I took of the kids and inserted the following poem

Special Dad
by Trinity Pratt

My dad is very special,
He's not just a dad but a friend;
For he knows where there is a difference.
When one should start and the other end.

He's my dad when I need a real guidance,
But if I need a pal for a while,
He's right there in each situation,
Not with just concern, but a smile.

Kids need someone like that,
To help them draw that line,
Between what is right and wrong.
Sometimes the difference is hard to define.

So I'd like to thank Dad for being there,
For helping me all the way.
And to all the Dads who stand by their kids,
God Bless you this Father's Day

 I use photoshop CS6 to create my cards but there is plenty of card making software out there.  So gather up your special photos and make a card for someone.  They will love it and it will make you feel good.

Until next time Happy Snapping!

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  1. Wonderful and creative cards! I am sure they are treasured by all! The anniversary card is wonderful. The photo shows how in love you were then! You both look like movie stars!! The father's day cards are both great! Lots of love there! :)